Cranking It Back Up

Who Would Believe Quality and Creativity Makes a Comeback in 2018 Wedding Photography?

Personally, I find it hard to believe that eight years after the wedding photography business started a long decline into mediocrity: There are signs the kind of wedding photography I was know for, through two decades, IS MAKING A COMEBACK! How about that?

I never considered myself a “competitor” with any of the wedding photographers in Denton – before, or after the steep decline in price, service and quality. What I had been doing over so many years, and so many states, and a few foreign countries, was and still is different.

I haven’t learned a darn thing about wedding photography during my eight year hiatus from that business, but that honestly makes me hungry to take advantage of my newness to the genre, and bring all the technology that has risen in quality, speed and accuracy. Of course, I learned a ton stylistically as the other segments of my photography business thrived and kept me learning and busy. I am rebuilding that business website now as well (damn hackers!) and you can see the rough drafts at

It will be interesting to research what the “competition” offers in the way of wedding services for the Denton wedding market these days. When I left, my services were the most flexible offered by any photographer in the entire Metroplex.

I intend to keep my wedding photography services “flexible” with a firm bottom, and plenty in between. I am confident most of the “point systems, packages, add-ons” and other gimmickry has bitten the dust (along with the photographers who created them.

Of course, when I left the business, I was in a groove where customers paid for time and got all the files after an edit and image correction. That just may be where we pick this up again – to lift this bird off the ground on a very short runway.